INTENSIVE: Children Of The Universe: Intelligent Speculation Or “things You Always Wanted To Know But Didn’t Dare Ask”




In April last year I was invited as a guest speaker by Erich Von Daniken for his 80th birthday event near Stuttgart in Germany. Among the distinguished speakers was Chandra Wickramasinghe, the astro-biologist and physicist well-known for the “panspermia theory” (that life on Earth was imported by comets and meteorites) he developed in the 1970s with the astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle. Chandra and I had met several years earlier in England and we were familiar with each other’s work and views on the possibility of life in the cosmos. It was during this encounter in Stuttgart that we decided to write a book together on this subject but with a difference: we would allow ourselves free-reign to discuss and speculate intelligently on various controversial topics related to the origins of life and the potential capabilities of the human mind and the “soul”.

In this “Intensive Workshop” I will present the rudiment of the various cutting-edge views that Chandra and I intend to review in our forthcoming book, and also have an open dialogue with the attendees with the purpose of speculating intelligently, through my own life experience, on these topics which were (and still are in many cases) considered taboo in the scholarly and scientific communities:

*Is there a “God” or “Higher Intelligence” that created and controls the Universe?

*Is the Universe “designed”?

*How old is life? Did it pre-exist our solar system? And if so, could it have developed into more advanced “civilizations” than here on Earth?

*Can the human brain be accessed by more than the assumed 10% capacity now used?

*How much untapped knowledge might be “hardwired” in our brains, cells and DNA?

*Did the ancient Egyptians (and other ancients) find a way to access more brain power/capacity through a non-empirical way i.e. without “technology” and “science” and thus have free access to more knowledge?

*What was the true function of the “pyramids”? Can they be some sort of soul-machine or metaphysical apparatus?

*Is “rebirth” among the stars, as the ancient Egyptians imagined it, a possibility?

*Is the concept of “past lives” a possibility? What evidence is there?

*Finally…Is there more than four dimensions in the Universe? If so, is there a way to access one or more of these dimensions? What evidence is there to suggest that this is possible?


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