Intensive: History of Giant Rock & The Intergration – CITD 2017




We welcome back UFO sighting expert, Melinda Leslie, to lead us again in 3 incredible CITD Night Vision Experience events. We will use Military Night Vision Goggles for seeing over 50,000 times more light than is possible with the naked eye and to also see over 50,000 times more stars than is possible with the naked eye. You haven’t stargazed till you’ve done so with military Night Vision Goggles! And if you saw our big sighting last year, then you know you don’t want to miss this! Early registration is highly recommended!

Joshua Tree has long been known as a UFO hotspot with frequent sightings both day and night and is rich in UFO history and lore. Melinda will explain how best to see real UFOs and distinguish “unidentified” objects from the identified ones. Melinda says that once you know the basics, ruling out objects such as aircraft, shooting stars, and satellites is easy and that what you’re left with are true UFOs that make turns, zig zag, shoot off into space, or even fly in formations!

We’ll also use high-powered lasers to point out what we are seeing in the night sky and to flash at these UFOs, taking extra care not to laser at any planes. Melinda has found that when you flash at these objects they often flash back demonstrating a conscious interaction (contact) with these objects! Please come join us for an exciting event spotting UFOs with Night Vision Goggles and truly make “contact in the desert”!


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