INTENSIVE: Preparing For Ascension




Join David as we review stunning new evidence that our sun is about to release a massive burst of energy that will transform life on earth as we know it. Not everyone will experience this the same way. There may be an “interstellar rescue program” in which some people will stay with the Earth in its new configuration and others will be relocated to other worlds.

Ancient prophecies, modern “revealed teachings” and extensive insider testimony all tell us that those who stay on Earth will rapidly develop breathtaking new abilities, much like the characters in superhero movies. This appears to be the fulfillment of your purpose and why you are really here – but if you don’t get it in this lifetime, you will have plenty more to figure it out.

David will review ancient and modern spiritual teachings to reveal the deep, inner workings of what you need to do to prepare for Ascension. There are multiple stumbling blocks that can hold you back from reaching the goal, and they are not always obvious. Putting these teachings to practice in your own life not only prepares you for Graduation, it has immediate benefits in many other ways.

By learning to master your own spiritual evolution, you can begin directing the power of your creative forces to manifest that which you desire, achieve far greater health, happiness and prosperity, and become as a shining beacon of light to others who are having an ever-increasing amount of trouble handling the changes we are now going through.


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