In this second Workshop, Daniel Sheehan, General Counsel for Dr. John Mack’s PROJECT for EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCE RESEARCH at Harvard University; General Counsel to the original DISCLOSURE PROJECT presented in Washington, DC at The National Press Club by Dr. Steven Greer; and General Counsel to the more-recent 2013 CITIZEN HEARING ON DISCLOSURE presented in Washington, DC by Stephen Bassett will announce the founding, in Santa Cruz, California, of the new INSTITUTE for the STUDY OF EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL INTELLIGENCE (or“ I-SETI.”)
This Institute, located near the campus of the University of California at Santa Cruz, will house Jordan Pease’s Metaphysical Library previously located in Ashland, Oregon and a copy of virtually every book and paper ever written on the topic of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence and the phenomenon of Unidentified Flying Objects as well as videos of every motion picture and every workshop ever presented on these topics as well as all radio shows on these topics. This will be a world-class academic Research Institute that will host Academic Conferences of world experts presenting Academic Papers on these topics and will strive to evolve this area of human inquiry into a field of professional academic study that will entitled it to insertion into the teaching curriculum of The Western Academy.
In this workshop, Daniel will invite the participants to propose and discuss with him various TOPICS and ALTERNATIVE ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURES for this INSTITUTE, as well as proposed Staff and Personnel. This workshop will, thereby, provide to everyone an opportunity to be “in on the ground floor” of the planning of The I-SETI Institute….though the recommendations that are made and discussed in this workshop will be merely advisory.


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