LECTURE: A World In Transition




The profile of the abductee is changing. No longer willing to accept the role of victim, we are stepping out of the shadows to share what we have learned from years of ongoing contact with beings of another world. Instead of waiting for “disclosure”, that is, our government to affirm the truth of our cosmic family, we are living our truth. The truth is one that we know all too well—that we are not alone and that we have never been alone. To speak up however, is not without its risks, but in order to overcome our adversaries, we must overcome our fear of them. To overcome our fear, we must look at who & what. This is a critical time on planet earth. You need to be sure you understand the seriousness of the game being played and the consequences of your decisions. During the past year I experienced an initiation of sorts, from which I gained a deeper realization of how humanity will move from a dual based prison planet, to a world of unconditional love. During this talk I will share these insights with you and reveal to you the role you play in bringing our planet into the light.


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