LECTURE: Advancing The Human Vessel: Keys Of Ascension




In this workshop I will be talking about what we are experiencing on a physical level, as we are going through this profound window period called a Stellar Activation Cycle. I will talk about the high frequencies coming in and ways we can align with the organic energies of our Soul matrix and Nature, so that can activate our DNA and move into higher Earth energies. I will discuss the challenges we are up against like the Transhumanism agenda, Artificial intelligence and the continual 3-D traps. This lecture will help us to get more familiar with our divine blueprint, archetypes, ET races, asteroid influences and the zodiac and will assist us to have more clarity on the distortions, reversals, social engineering, weather modification and mind-control that exists, making it difficult to achieve DNA upgrades. This will help us to overcome these obstacles and will help us to prepare our human vessel for what is to come and what is here now, as we embrace the priority of achieving unity consciousness, balance of M/F and our true potential.


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