In this 2-hour presentation, evidence of an Ancient Alien presence on the Moon, Mars and elsewhere in the Solar System will be presented in this slide-show featuring images from Mike Bara’s recent books Ancient Aliens on the Moon, Ancient Aliens on Mars, and Ancient Aliens and Secret Societies. The presentation will show images of bases, artifacts, devices and other relics left over from the distant past when aliens freely roamed Earth’s closest neighbors. Images not published in the books implying a vast, ancient extraterrestrial presence throughout the greater Solar System will be also be shown, including images of Saturn’s moons, Pluto and artificial objects in the asteroid belt like the unexplained luminescent patches on the surface and the pyramid on Ceres. Finally, we will discuss the recent NASA announcement of water on Mars, the implications for life and look at images of fossils and biological creatures in Mars rover images. We will also look into the latest NASA announcements about the discovery of 7 Earth-like planets in a nearby solar system, the latest on the “impossible” EM Drive NASA has been testing, pyramids in Antarctica and look at evidence that NASA has faked certain images from the Mars rovers as part of a vast political cover-up of life on Mars. The latest “Flat Earth” craze will also be addressed.


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