LECTURE: Annunaki Return, Australia & The True Origins Of Man




Lecture will cover the benevolent Annunaki return, the grand recall of the fallen Annunaki, the Pleiadian, Orion Council of Light, Sirian, Andromedan, Arcturian alliance all aligned in liberating the Earth from the heavy hand of the Archons and Draconian regime. The Earth was terraformed by 12 major Star Nations as far as 600 million years ago with civilizations coming and going due to pole shifts, meteor impacts, massive volcanic eruptions as well as great wars fought with unimaginable weapons of mass destruction. The only reference points left standing are the mass temples in stone some remaining intact below the sea. There will be videos, photos and drawings of the different civilizations involved in both the suppression and liberation of Earth giving a balanced view of the multidimensional universe in which we live. The latest photos and video of the ships landing and inner earth doors opening on Mt Adams will also be shared along with their messages for 2016.


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