Multiple ancient cultures around the world have very elaborate prophecies of a “solar flash” – an epic release of conscious, living energy from the Sun. David will give detailed quotes from sources including Zoroastrian, Hindu, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Stoic, Sybilline, Jewish, Christian and Muslim. What we will see is a remarkable through-line of connections that have seemingly never been made up until now. Each of these cultures was greatly anticipating a future event where human life as we know it would undergo a spontaneous evolution.

Many of these cultures predict the arrival of a Messianic figure arriving along with an entourage of messengers, or “angels,” with what the Hindus called the “Eight Super-Human Faculties.” Very clear predictions are made of an event where the sun gives off a brilliant flash of white light that will be visible regardless of where you are on Earth. The prophecies tell us that those who are ready will be brought into an immediate Ascension experience with the help of these angelic visitors who ride in on what the Bible and other sources call “clouds.”

Never before has David unified so many concrete sources of prophecy together in one talk. The true scope and depth of the information is far greater than even the staunchest skeptics could refute. You will also hear the stunning back-story of who was responsible for writing these prophecies in the first place, and how they returned in the 20th century, and on into the present day, to “make plain the way” for all those who will be able to take full advantage of this stunning moment.


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