LECTURE: Secrets Of Ancient America Archaeoastronomy And The Legacy Of The Phoenicians, Celts And Other Forg




Carl Lehrburger, author, Secrets of Ancient America. Archaeoastronomy and the Legacy of the Phoenicians, Celts and Other Forgotten ExplorersThe author will describe and contrast examples of pre-Columbus Old World contact in the Americas. Evidence of trans-Atlantic Celtic contact will be revealed with a focus on Celtic sun god deities found in Colorado and Oklahoma. Evidence of earlier contact from greater Indus Valley via the Pacific Ocean will also be examined with an eye to cultural symbols and archaeoastronomy found at a site in California and throughout the Great Basin. While separated by thousands of miles and at least a thousand years, the two examples of cultural contact indicate that the central sun god characters, petroglyphic and heliolithic artistry and cosmological themes remained conceptually consistent. The continuity of esoteric traditions in America of the two distant groups are further explained by tracing the diffusion of the sun god Mitra from India west to Persia, to Europe and ultimately to America via the Atlantic. The author will present examples of the universal language of the ancients, preserved in North American ancient rock art, to document how religion and cosmologies spread throughout the ancient world.


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