LECTURE: The New Paradigm Institute At The Graduate Theological Union At U.c. Berkeley & The Quest To Identify The New Paradigm Of The Cosmic Human




Daniel Sheehan will announce the founding of THE NEW PARADIGM INSTITUTE at the University of California Berkeley’s Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California at which Pope Francis’ recently-retired Director of The Vatican Observatory, Pope Francis’ fellow Argentine Jesuit, Father Jose Gabriel Funes, will convene and chair:

“The serious discussion of the profound philosophical and theological questions that will be posed to our human family upon our discovery – sooner than later – (with the discovery of the ever-increasing numbers of habitable planets by the Kepler Planet-Hunter Space Telescope) – of another highly-intelligent and highly-technologically-developed ….but distinctly NON-Human….species of Sentient Beings in our universe – perhaps even in our very Milky Way Galaxy.

Daniel will discuss the process by means of which “The Discussants” in this Serious Discussion will be identified, vetted and selected by Daniel and his NEW PARADIGM INSTITUTE colleagues – and how the “Answers” ascertained to these questions will then be developed, at THE INSTITUTE, into a ‘NEW PARADIGM WOLRDVIEW” that will represent the arrival of “THE COSMIC HUMAN.”

Dan will also discuss a specific “Hypothetical” substantive NEW PARADIGM WORLDVIEW that has been proffered by one of the benefactors of this new INSTITUTE for discussion.


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