LECTURE: Scientific Proof Of Ascension




Remarkable new insider testimony confirms that Earth humans have already colonized our solar system, and beyond, with technology vastly more advanced than anything out in the open. David Wilcock spent years quietly gathering intel from a variety of high-level whistleblowers who claim to have lived and worked out in space, and interacted with a surprisingly diverse array of ETs, both positive and negative.

The military-industrial complex has withheld this information from us and has promoted a genocidal agenda of war and population reduction on earth. Now the cover-up is collapsing. You will hear detailed briefings on the Earth Alliance, the SSP Alliance and Sphere Being Alliance and how the three are working to solve our problems and release the forbidden technologies.


Ancient mystery-school teachings suggest that our Sun is orbiting a companion star, or brown dwarf, which is a source of supernatural power. Each Masonic Lodge has three pillars, which symbolically hold up the Sun, the Moon and the ͞Dark Star͟ of the mystery schools. Why was so much importance placed upon this alleged object – and is there any evidence to support its existence? The mystery deepens as we explore the 25,920-year cycle known as the ͞Precession of the Equinoxes͟or Great Year. According to top historians, 35 different ancient cultures have material about this cycle encoded into their myths. The cycle is believed to usher in a Golden Age of remarkable spiritual advancement on Earth, and we are now crossing into this new time period. There is compelling new evidence that the ͞Great Year͟ is the time it takes our solar system to orbit the Dark Star. This orbital cycle may be the ͞cosmic trigger͟ that propels us into a profound, even drastic change. Join David Wilcock as he leads this think-tank of renowned experts through a thorough investigation of the evidence supporting the existence of the Dark Star, the Great Year and the Golden Age it is predicted to usher in.


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