WORKSHOP: What Contact Movies Reveal




Spectacular movies have documented the rise of interest in extraterrestrial intelligence. Major studio productions have played a key role in showing the emotional impact of sightings and encounters. Vividly authentic films convey ideas on visceral levels. As a result, watching significant movies can be major life events, sometimes altering our perceptions of reality.

This workshop explores our reactions to epic titles about extraterrestrial contact. Much of the information in a film is visual and reaches us on an unconscious level. The symbolism can carry psychological implications. The Star Wars series is based on Joseph Campbell’s writings, and many scripts about extraterrestrial contact follow the hero’s journey pattern. Regardless of whether messages are presented intentionally or covertly, profound ideas reach the audience. Powerful stories show us how assumptions are changing about who we are becoming. We will discuss the structure of contact films for personal significance. Dr. Young will draw on his work as a psychologist and screenplay consultant to reveal the insights to be gained from major releases.


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