Judging from the abundant evidence of ancient cave art from all parts of the world, encounters with aliens and UFO’s are nothing new. Humanity has been visited, taught and nurtured by non-terrestrial beings for at least 40,000 years, construing them according to different cultural frameworks as spirits, elves, or fairies, angels or even demons, and most recently as aliens.

Graham’s research into the ancient Egyptian books of the dead, and into Gnosticism, shamanism, Upper Palaeolithic cave art, ayahuasca, DMT and other psychedelics have led to his hypothesis that experiences in deeply altered states of consciousness have played a fundamental and much misunderstood role in the story of humanity. Recent research, interfacing directly with the key issues surrounding alien contact and disclosure, has produced intriguing scientific evidence, which this talk will review, that such experiences may allow interaction with beings from a level of reality quite different from our own and not normally accessible to our senses. These beings, Hancock argues, are the ancient teachers of mankind. Though much of modern civilization is in a state of rigid denial, the fact is that they are still very much in contact with us today. These contacts, and how we as a society react to them – are as fundamental to the future of our species now as they were 40,000 years ago.


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