WORKSHOP: Getting Past The Post-modern Worldview To The New Cosmic Human




In this two-hour Workshop, Daniel Sheehan, the former ten-year General Counsel to the United States Jesuit Headquarters’ NATIONAL OFFICE OF SOCIAL MINISTRY, in Washington, DC, will detail how The New Paradigm Worldview of “The Cosmic Human” that is being developed at The New Paradigm Institute at the Graduate Theological Union of the University of California at Berkeley can…and must… supersede The Post-Modern Worldview that Pope Francis identified in his June 2015 Encyclical “On The Care of Our Common Home” as the Worldview underlying the continued “hold” that the Trans-National Corporate Capitalist economic & financial system continues to exercise in our world even though this economic system constitutes the proximate cause of our present Global Climate Change Crisis.

Daniel will review for us Pope Francis’ 2015 Papal Encyclical “Laudato SI ” itself, pointing out the central role that Francis attributes, in his Encyclical, to The Post-Modern Worldview as the proximate cause of “The Consumer Mentality” that this worldview engenders which mentality is essential for the continued maintenance of the Trans-National Corporate economic and banking system that Francis identifies, in his Papal Encyclical, as the proximate cause of the man-made dimension of the present Global Climate Change confronting our world.

Danny will explain, in detail, what this “Post-Modern Worldview” is…and what the line of reasoning is, on the part of Pope Francis, that causes Francis to conclude that this specific Worldview functions as the sine quo non of Global Trans-National Corporate Capitalism and its attendant Fractile Banking System. He will then go on to explain what “The Good News” is that Pope Francis has announced, in his separate (though closely-related) “Papal Exhortation” entitled “Evangelii Gaudium” (“The Joy of Sharing The Good News”) as the alternative to Post-Modernism….and will explain why it is that this “Good News” of traditionally taught Catholic Christianity, as well as Protestantism; Judaism; Buddhism; Hinduism; Taoism and all other major World Religions will need to be “up-dated” not only to adequately appeal to “Modern Scientific Humans” to motivate them substitute a “Religious” view of life for their present “Post-Modern” Secular Worldview pursuant to which “Religious Worldview” our people might be adequately motivated to “push aside” Trans-National Corporate Capitalism and substitute for it some new, more-compassionate and considerate mode of economic development and distribution – and, thereby, successfully “stave off” the worst possible consequences of Global Climate Change but also to prepare our human family for our up-coming, potentially ‘Worldview-altering” encounter with an Extra-Terrestrial, NON-Human Civilization. Dan will explain why he believes that this can be accomplished by taking into FULL account ALL of the latest human discoveries that have been made by our human family not only in the fields of Astronomy and Cosmology, but also in the fields of: Sub-Atomic Particle Physics such as Quantum Theory & String Theory; Bio-Physics; Subtle Energy Studies; Astro-Biology; Anthropology and other fields of “Hard” Sciences. And he will discuss how the conclusions reached by our “scientists” in the fields of these “hard sciences” in fact provide the underlying intellectual assumptions of our “other” (“soft”) fields of human knowledge such as philosophy, psychology and theology.

Finally, Dan will discuss some of the “features” that he believes will probably rise to the surface as “qualities” of this new post-Post-Modern Worldview and will invite participants in the Workshop to recommend persons to be considered as potential “Discussants” in the up-coming “Funes Discussion” at The New Paradigm Institute in Berkeley.


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