WORKSHOP: Giant, Fairies & Strange Archaeology




For thousands of years human beings knew that they were not the only intelligent human beings in the universe. In fact when we look back in history, the legends of our encounters with giants, fairies, mermaids, leprechauns, ETs, angels, and otherworldly creatures abound. Some of these beings were clearly third dimensional, while others were not. These beings acted in unusual and inexplicable ways, pushing the envelope of what we know of as our reality today. This fabulous visual presentation takes us into the archaeological evidence that such beings really do exist and the evidence for them is being discovered and covered up by authorities all over the world. But as our planet begins to move up in its vibration, our ability to see these beings and interact with them will grow. Laced with many astonishing never seen photographs, from the bones of giants to the fossils of flying fairies, this stunning workshop will expand your view of reality, help you figure out why these beings are beginning to reappear in our reality.


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