WORKSHOP: The Consciousness Connection: Psychedelics, Entities, ‘dark Matter’ And Parallel Dimensions




Many people who have experimented with psychedelics have at one time or another had the experience of encounters with what appear to be intelligent, non-physical and non-human entities — and very frequently these entities appear to communicate with us telepathically and even to teach us useful knowledge. Are these entities, which bear close and surprising similarities to modern notions of encounters with ‘aliens’ and ‘ET’s’ just figments of “our brains on drugs” — mere “hallucinations” with no reality to them — or is there something else, much more mysterious and much more significant going on? In this workshop Graham Hancock shares lessons from his own multiple experiences with smoked DMT, and with Ayahuasca, the Amazonian “Vine of Souls”, and draws on the latest scientific research, to present a new and disturbing picture of reality.


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