WORKSHOP: The Inner Earth Alliance




Earth’s interior may have over 2,500 different bases that are home to a variety of different types of ETs. The military-industrial complex has built 250 of their own, but there are many others that are far more advanced—and significantly ancient. Multiple insiders have confirmed that natural cavities exist inside the earth that have their own source of light, running water, flora and fauna.
Certain human groups have lived inside the earth for up to 12 to 18 million years, and look surprisingly similar to us. The ͞Nordics͟ are only one of several types. We are genetically related to these people and at various times in our history they have appeared openly among us as ͞Gods͟, providing us with the wisdom and technology to develop our civilizations. These groups are also aware of a periodic solar event that occurs on the surface and triggers massive changes in human evolution. We are on the threshold of one of these events now. Learn how the varying factions within the inner earth have sorted out their differences and may be on the verge of signing a new treaty that will lead to them openly appearing to us once more – and preparing us for the possibility of Ascension.


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