INTENSIVE: Breakthroughs About Raf Bentwaters/woodbridge Unidentified Aerial Phenomena




Linda Moulton Howe, Emmy Award-winning TV producer, Reporter and Editor of and Investigative Reporter for iHeart Premiere Radio Network’s Coast to Coast AM radio, will present ongoing and groundbreaking 2015-2016 news about the U. K. RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge phenomena of December 1980 in Suffolk, England’s Rendlesham Forest. There is startling new information about a once-SECRET ͞U. K. EYES ONLY RESTRICTED͟study of non-ionizing radiation from Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP/UFO). UAP radiation is linked to damage of human tissues and manipulation of human minds. Linda will also present new witness testimonies about physical evidence that a space-time distortion occurred at the UAP site in Rendlesham Forest and that one of the security personnel, Sergeant Adrian Bustinza, was threatened and given a deliberate lie to cover up the truth about an alien interaction at NATO’s then-largest Air Force Base.


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