INTENSIVE: Disclosure: ET Agendas, Positive Contact, A.I. And Timelines




Laura will discuss the topic of disclosure and what the nature of some of these hidden agendas are about, in relation to our galactic history, ET government Treaties, Valiant Thor and the many different race that are interacting with Earth inhabitants. She will discuss what her Great-Grandfather former President Eisenhower warned us about and will shed light on what has been held back from us in regards to the ET presence, MILABS and its impact on timelines and our future human selves. She will help us to draw a distinction between the negative ET agenda, EBE’s and positive Contact from our benevolent Star family. She will also help us to understand this Ascension window period better and how it relates to our DNA potential, Earth grids and Stargates and the trap of artificial timelines, AI and the Transhumanism agenda. This intensive will assist us in finding discernment, empowerment and clarity in these times, which will help us connect with the light codes streaming in, the core activation of the 13th gate, the Dragon lines within the Earth body and Higher Earth energies, which are crucial right now to align with, as so many dark technologies are manipulating minds, free-will and consciousness.


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