LECTURE: Crop Circles: Reading The Messages & Understanding The Science




Crop Circles have mystified people for centuries, as acres of grain are seamlessly swirled down into meticulous patterns, often happening in seconds! Many of the patterns have been deciphered as: precise mathematics, pictograms, distant star maps, propulsion technologies, free energy schematics, sacred geometries, and coded messages – with some offering political warnings. We’ve seen tens of thousands of Crop Circle sightings documented around the world over the last 200 years. We’ve had massive amounts of incredible bio-physical evidence that has clearly proven that Crop Circles are a real phenomenon. So why do the well-funded UFO research projects focus out into space primarily – when there is so much physical evidence right here in plain sight on the earth in Crop Circles?? And why is there so little talk about the Crop Circle phenomena in the news when they continue appearing in different countries year after year? The answer appears to be suppression and fear of advanced technologies saving the planet, which in turn will diminish the need for oil and gas and corruption. The messages offer great wisdom; it’s definitely time we learn to read them! Patty Greer’s 6 movies serve as a backstage pass to unraveling these multidimensional communications. They were known as “Faerie Rings”eons ago, left like sticky notes and love letters in the fields. The Circlemakers have used great clarity on many levels to reach us in a language we all understand: Art and Math. The messages are delivered on a conscious and subconscious basis, intended to evolve the collective consciousness of humanity, and to connect us with the earth and sky beings once again. Left in open fields for everyone to see who is flying over, on the ground, within the earth, and even in the water… How can we NOT be noticing? In 2014 Greer was taken on a mysteriously journey which ultimately landed her at the official lab and the farm where the (late) great scientist William Levengood’s research on Crop Circles was done for decades. (Here’s the high strange…) Levengood appeared as a hologram next to Patty in 2014 in front of witnesses. He told Patty & the women that “He had orchestrated her visit and he was glad that it worked!” So she returned the following month and spent 3 weeks at the farm studying his highly informative bio-physical evidence with Levengood’s REAL lab partner for the last 16 years of his life. (Her identity has been kept secret for decades, until now) The woman explained Levengood’s scientific theories as this : ” 1. Crop Circles are a real phenomenon and 2. Crop Circles originate from within the Earth! ”

This is a whole new way to look at Crop Circle science and frankly it makes sense! Patty believes that the Earth has been communicating for centuries through Crop Circle messages and Greer appears to be the ONLY Crop Circle researcher who͛s been privy to William Levengood’s advanced data about Crop Circles, and is sharing it openly with the public. Levengood proved that the seeds within Crop Circles can grow up to 400% more food and biofuels, with up to 75% more nutrition per plant. What an astounding discovery for humanity͛s food supply! Taking the study into a new realm of possibilities Ms Greer shares daunting clips from her films as evidence that Plasma Balls of Light are involved in the creation of many Crop Circles, and that real Crop Circles happen in seconds! (See for yourself: www.PattyGreer.net) Her films are astoundingly honest and organic because she didn’t use other people’s research, thus avoiding mis-information. She went into the epicenter and filmed what’s actually going on, year after year after year. Patty shares hundreds of Crop Circle images and film clips exposing the correlations and consistencies within the patterns in her public presentations. THIS is how we will learn to decipher the messages! Greer describes the physical sensations she felt within the Crop Circle perimeters as an enhanced electromagnetic field that made the hair stand up on her arms and gave her goosebumps from head to toe. Watching the movies clips, you will feel like you are there in the Crop Circles too! Why have you not heard more about Patty Greer’s films over the years? Because 3 different movie distributors intentionally hid her films from the public for the last eight years. This is a clear sign that the movies must be pretty darn important!!


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