WORKSHOP: Ascension Breakthroughs Out Of Artificial Intelligence




In these times, there are new assaults and weapons used on us to keep us from activating our DNA and expanding into Higher Earth energies and so this presentation will be about how we can watch out for this and protect ourselves. I will be talking about the 13th Gate, Galactic Zodiac, Earth Grids, Higher Earth dimensions, Sacred Geometry, Alchemy and Venus, Bifurcaton, Organic Ascension and how it relates to our DNA and Chakra system. I will share about Artificial Intelligence and the dark technologies we have to be careful of, so that we don’t get lost in their imitation reality or manipulations. I will help shine light on the larger picture and where things are in the collective and I will discuss amazing break through information, including things about disclosure, ET’s, Eisenhower and Valiant Thor and what is coming through at this time. This workshop is to help empower the individuals faith in this Ascension process and to help bring more clarity to how we can change the game so that we can embrace our potential and say goodbye to all that does not serve us as global citizens of this Earth.


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