We’ll begin our workshop with a powerful Protection exercise/ritual using intention. It’s a 3-D physical protection of your energy field where we intentionally sweep front, back, up, down and around with focused intention. It works because Everything is Energy and our focus is Protection! Doing this in a large group feels amazing and goes out to the ethers.

Humanity has become more telepathic and intuitive across the world. This is a mandatory skill to master at this important time in human history. It takes focus and silencing the 3-D mind to hear your ‘inner voice’ speaking to you. It takes wisdom and intuition to recognize the importance of the information you receive and retain it. Often it’s not what you see – but what you don’t see that matters and effects your life. You’ll be offered tools to develop and awaken your intuition, sensitivity, psychic ability, and discernment in this workshop. If our thoughts create our reality then we need to focus our thoughts and actions very carefully.

*Keys to a Post-Disclosure World: Welcoming ETs

Inviting ETs into your space intentionally and peacefully involves knowing how to invite and invoke Benign ‘other dimensionals’ safely. It’s important to listen telepathically and feel them energetically on all levels, before reacting or responding. This way you will know how to communicate back in a language they will understand. Fearlessness is mandatory when telepathy is constantly occurring. Remember YOU invited them so enjoy the experience! Set your intention and be VERY clear in a quiet space. Remember everything you send out is perceived telepathically. I practice this with wildlife and the response feels similar. We will talk about creating safe comfort zones.*

* Skills for a Post-Disclosure World: Re-Calibration

The most important skill you will learn in this workshop is “Visual Re-Calibration.” You’ll be amazed how quickly you can re-train your eyes to see multi-dimensionally, focusing on things you never saw before. This is an amazing Ascension skill to develop and very easy to achieve. Within minutes you can learn how to see benign energetic entities in the sky and all around your body – everywhere! With mild focused attention most people can see them easily and develop multi-dimensional vision instantly. At the end of the workshop we will all go outside and look into the sky together. I will teach you the steps of how to re-focus your vision and most of you will be blown away! Once you learn how to re-adjust your vision you can see them all the time and teach others effortlessly. It’s amazing – yet a bit shocking to realize you are seeing a parallel reality that is operating at the same time we are breathing here in our 3-D reality. You didn’t see them before but you surely will soon as ‘proof positive’ that we are not alone here. If your mind is open please join us for this informative workshop!
Our Toolbelt For A Post-Disclosure World requires mental strength and patience. We will discuss adding additional empowering elements for your life such as high vibrating crystals and minerals. I will talk about the techtite Moldavite in particular which is one of the highest vibrating frequency stones (tektite) on earth. In my experience I have found Moldavite to be a magical magnet that attracts ETs! Probably because it fell from space, it’s not an earth mineral.

My field of expertise is Crop Circle communications and the science of the phenomena. I’ll go deeper into the explanation of the counter rotating spinning plasma vortices coming out of the earth in this workshop. The evidence is clear that most Crop Circles have been located over water and sitting on an energetically line between two sacred sites. Plasma, frequency and intention work together to create Crop Circles, blending metaphysics and science into a 3-D physical manifestation. I will explain how Crop Circle and spinning plasma science has the ability to heal our bodies when used correctly. Understanding how to spin and measure and manipulate Plasma is the key.
The Earth is listening to everyone and everything and has been responding to us through tens of thousands of Crop Circles over the years. Now is the time for humanity to take them seriously and study the urgent messages on many levels. We must STOP pretending that Crop Circles are fake, which may be difficult after decades of consistent mis-information from well-paid actors. Crop Circles are VERY REAL and available for everyone to see and experience and perceive. I’ll share some of the most incredible Orb and Plasma footage you’ve ever seen where balls of light lay a Crop Circle down in seconds in both England and France. Your jaw will drop, I promise!

*Understanding Crop Circle Messages is another Key to a Post-Disclosure World

You will leave this workshop with important new skills to help Navigate the New Paradigm with more Personal Power. We are not alone here and humanity has awakened to the point where there’s no turning back. It’s going to be incredible here on earth very soon, especially for those who are well prepared and intentionally re-calibrated!


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