WORKSHOP: Secrets Of The Fields & Beyond: Telepathic Stories That Will Curl Your Toes




Orbs & Balls of Light – Featuring An Astounding Orb/ET Image Collection (The “Secrets” are the focus of Patty Greer’s Outrageous New Crop Circle Movie – Coming in 2016) Patty Greer was never interested or trained in filmmaking whatsoever. She had never studied UFO’s or been curious about the Crop Circle phenomena. She was dealing with a challenging case of mercury poisoning (from silver fillings), so she traveled to the the Crop Circle phenomena seeking a miracle cure in 2006. She wasn’t healed there but clearly resonated with the usual enhanced electromagnetic frequencies within the Crop Circles that drew her back year after year. Rather than a cure, the “Circlemakers” took her on a journey in a 2007 UK Crop Circle. This experience completely altered the course of her life! When she “awoke” that day in the Crop
Circle she sensed a strange communication coming her way. She lay there quietly and realized that there was a telepathic communication coming from the “Circlemakers” whoever they were. Her vision was noticeably altered and everything was incredibly clear and precise. She saw multi-dimensional moving energies everywhere in the sky! Her hearing was also keenly meticulous, so she took her time getting up from the field. She has learned how to focus on the multi-dimensional skies at will, and will show the group how to “SEE” the same at the end of this workshop. We will go outside together and most of you will see what she sees in less than 3 minutes! You will come to realize that you’ve seen them all of your life. You just have to remember to look up, take your time, and know what you are seeing! This will be Patty Greer’s first workshop focused on her phenomenal occurrences in the UK Crop Circles. Her stories are backed up by intelligent witnesses and some of the most well documented scientific evidence you’ve ever/never seen. Spending fearless days and nights in the summer UK Crop Circles for years, Greer͛s footage library is extensive and astounding! In this workshop we will share an unbelievable collection of Orb and Light Being photos from her “ORB” movie. If you have the ability to see Orbs in your photos, you will want to attend this workshop! Patty Greer is the real deal when it comes to being a true Croppie experiencer. Watching her movies… you will feel like you are there in the Crop Circles too!


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